My Little Pony

Little Pony - 1

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Today I am grateful for my little pony.  I wrote a piece a while back about how much I loved horses when I was a kid. . .and now. . .but, although I hoped for one every Christmas when we went to Grandma’s farm, there was never a pony for me.


That Christmas friends showed up with a little stuffed pony, just for me.  Now I am my mother, who loves stuffed creatures of any kind, living. . . or cloth. . . or fake fur.  “Ooooo, he’s so cute!”  I can hear her raving over some teddy bear, or fuzzy dog.


Since we don’t have a live animal living with us right now, I confess that I sometimes pet my little pony at night when I’m watching TV.  It comforts me in some bizarre way.  The bow is gone because it got in my way.  How can you scratch a neck properly with a bow on it?  You can’t.


I am feeling slightly more useful every day, but it’s probably getting towards time where I should be getting out more.  Yup.  Going a little bat-shit here!  But no matter how much I’m out and about,  I’ll still pet my little pony at night.  So there!


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