Pretty Flowers

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Today I am grateful for pretty flowers.  I really appreciate the patience of everyone as I post sporadically while I continue to recover from my recent surgery.  Man, what a slooooooowwwww process!


Back in the day, when I was a kid living at home and my mom would get flowers from my dad, they sat smack dab in the middle of the kitchen table where she could look at them while cooking and see them from the living room while watching TV.


If I have cut flowers I cannot put them on the kitchen table, although, through some sort of nostalgic, “It’s the way mom did it” reason I tried.  For years.  But the sun slams through our kitchen windows with such voracity, the flowers would mold, wilt and die way too fast.  Usually all three.  I’m a little slow to grasp onto some things, but I get it now.  I don’t put them on the kitchen table.  Duh!


Besides, our house is practically a long hallway and if flowers sit on the table, I can’t see them from any other part of the house.  So I have broken my mom’s tradition and I set them on a little garage sale table, close to my computer, the sunroom and the TV.  That way I can look at them all day long.


The thing about cut flowers is that they change daily, just like the rest of us.  Parts of them open further, causing them to catch the light differently as the day goes on and the light changes.  I like that.  It’s funny how you look at things in a very basic way when you’re practically infirm.  Okay, not infirm, but definitely more “down” than usual.


And the pretty flowers give me joy.  And peace.  And healing.  In the living room.  And I’ll take it!

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