Birth of Healthy Granddaughter

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Today I am grateful for the birth of a healthy granddaughter.  Our son Matt and his wife, Susan, were planning to go to the hospital tomorrow for her to be induced.  Well. . . .little Alina Elizabeth had a different plan and sent them scurrying last weekend and decided to be born on 4-8-16, a sequential date that pleases her math teacher daddy.


To say we are thrilled is an understatement.  I thought I was done having grandchildren.  But a few years ago, with my son in a new, seemingly serious relationship with someone a bit younger than him, I distinctly recall a conversation we had while treading water in my local pool.


“She’s a bit younger than you and might want children.  How do you feel about that?” I asked him, because with an already teenage daughter I just wasn’t sure where he stood.


“To tell you the truth, I’m excited about it.” He answered to my shock and delight.  And here we are.


We were thrilled to learn that Susan was expecting; then horrified to learn only a few weeks later that she had breast cancer; then terrified as she underwent surgery and chemo; then worried sick when it looked like the baby was too small and might be born too early.  I sent out requests for prayers, positive energy and good vibes like never before.  Even during my own medical/hospital issues, when visited by hospital chaplains, I’d say, “Pray for me if you must, but I’d rather you pray for my son, Matt, his wife, Susan and their baby.”  And so we did.


I watched this young couple struggle. . .and rally at every new challenge.  And I was impressed. . .with both of them. . .with their friends and family who insisted Susan not go to chemo alone. . .with my son holding down the fort emotionally and physically while teaching, attending graduate school and preparing for his thesis.  Amazing.


And then there were three!  My granddaughter already knows how to make an entrance, arriving just before the ticker-tape parade that others think was for Villanova, but I know better!  Today I am going thank her for saving her mommies life.  Without her, we might not have known about the cancer in its early stages.  Then I’m going to schmoozle the bejeezus out of her!  Can’t wait.

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