Pencil Therapy

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Today I am grateful for pencil therapy.  There might not be a post tomorrow because I’m going in for outpatient surgery and will probably be even loopier than I usual am.  I think the thought of more medical crap weighed on my mind today so instead of eating the woodwork, (a coping mechanism I am trying to change). . .I colored. . .again.  And I loved it.


My sister-in-law gave me a “calming” coloring book for Christmas.  The pieces are not quite as intense as they are in some of my other books, like the Game of Thrones book Himself has now started two different pages in.  No attention span. . .that man!  I stick with it until my eyeballs fall out on the table. . .and they almost did today.


I was coloring in the kitchen and the sun was blasting through the windows, giving me great light, but every time I tried to look away and see something else I was “blinded by the light. . .”  I love the gel pens because they have glittery ones, which you really can’t see too well on the big picture, so I’m posting a couple of close-ups, too.  Overkill.


I have gel pens and colored pencils all over the table and Himself asks, “Are you coloring?”  No, I’m baking a pie. . . a pencil and paper pie.  “I might color on mine, too.”  He sits down and starts asking questions about what color he had used before.  I don’t know!  It’s not my picture.  Then he schmootzed and needed white.  The white pencil was useless.  Then he said, “You’re done, right?” I still had the background to do.  “You don’t have to do the background.  It looks good white.”  Yeah?  No!  It’s supposed to be water.  Duh.


I admit it was fun to have him there, but I confess I did feel a bit invaded in my quiet space.  Never mind. . .when he was making a cup of tea and getting stuff to eat I made sure to be in his way at every turn. . .even though he had asked me if I needed the kitchen.  Then he caught on.  I had to get out of his way before pencil therapy turned into something nasty that had nothing to do with coloring on paper.

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