Latin Dancing

a couple latin dancing

Monday, March 28, 2016

Today I am grateful for Latin dancing. . .which is on Dancing With the Stars right now.  In my soul I am a dancer who can do anything. In my mind I am a Latin dancer with a size two body, enough spray tan to change my heritage and an ability to spin like a dervish, kick my leg over my head, twist like a circus contortionist and do splits in six-inch spike heels.  The mind is a dangerous thing.


I love, love, love watching dancing shows.  To see anyone gliding across a floor in synchronization with music gives me a feeling like none other.  If they are with a partner, all the better because then it’s not just about music and steps. . .it’s about relationships.  And I love it.


I am the dancer every time I watch.  From my living room perch my feet tap, my arms waft above my head, my chin turns up and my heart beats in rhythm with the music.  It’s quite a sight so be glad you’re missing it.  With a fantasy like this what can possibly be next?  Will Hugh Jackman show up at my door wearing skin-tight-leather-pants and his shirt unbuttoned to the waist?  Pant.


Whew.  I’m distracted.  What was I grateful for?  Oh yeah. . .Latin dancing. . .  C’mon Hugh.  Ring the doorbell!

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