Tomorrow in Pennsylvania

a register to vote sign

Sunday, March 27, 2016 (Happy Easter to my Christian friends)

Today I am grateful for tomorrow in Pennsylvania.  Now hear this, local folks. . .especially those of you who are 18 to early twenties and might never have voted in an election before. . .TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN THE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY ELECTION.


Nations have gone to war in the past trying to gain their right to vote.  Some still do, even in 2016.   Even in our country women and people of color fought violently and voraciously for the same right.  But is that’s all it is?  Isn’t it also a privilege?  A gift?  Sure, but even more than that.  It is a responsibility.   Every citizen of the United States needs to be informed by learning the issues of the candidates and then get out and vote.


Even if you are not feeling the greatest on election day. . .go vote anyway!  If it’s raining. . .go vote anyway!  If you had a fight with your significant other and just want to curl up in a corner. . .crawl out long enough to go vote.  If you don’t have a babysitter, drag the kids along like I did and show them firsthand what it means to be an American.  The people who paved your way for this honor would never, ever, ever understand your missing the opportunity.  And although rhetoric is plastered in the “news” and  all over social media with pundits touting the traits of each and every candidate, you don’t have to join in.  Ever.  And when you vote it’s private and you don’t ever, ever have to tell anyone who you voted for.  It’s no one’s business unless you choose to share.


If you are a U.S. citizen (and for tomorrow’s deadline, a Pennsylvania resident), you will need to pick a political party but that can be done when you register.  Be advised that if you choose “Independent” you will not be allowed to vote in primary elections. . .a fact I learned the hard way a while back when I got fed up with both the Republicans and Democrats and changed my status to Independent.  I thought it meant I could pick the “person” and not the “party”.  Yeah, but not for primaries.  They turned me away at the door, but that’s another column.


You can register to vote by going online to or go in person to state Department of Transportation photo license centers, various government agencies and county registration offices.  Remember, TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY IN PENNSYLVANIA TO REGISTER TO VOTE IN THE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY ELECTION.


And when you are registered, please, please, please be an informed citizen and vote at every election.  It is your right, privilege and responsibility.  America thanks you. . .and so do I.

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