Heartprint Moments

a boy in blue boots and water

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Today I am grateful for Heartprint moments.  I had a true moment yesterday when I ran to the CVS before going out to lunch with friends.


Part One:

When I parked the car to go into the store there was a very little boy standing in the parking lot with two women. . .one obviously his mom, the other much older and probably grandma.  They were all looking down.  What are they looking at? I wondered.  I don’t see anything.


But the little boy did.  A puddle.  Not much bigger than his two, bright, brand spanking new blue rubber boots that were bought so he could “grow into” them and nearly reached his butt.  There he was, testing them out, stomping in the puddle and giggling like crazy, as what was left of the water was splashing all over the place.  BING!  Heartprint!


Part Two:

I picked up my little items, ruminating over the fact that I had rushed into the store without telling them how cute the little boy was and how it touched me.  When I came out they were gone.  Oh well.  I took the time to get gas and then headed for my lunch date, down a street that I usually don’t take to get to the restaurant.


Right after turning the corner, there they were!  The mom, grandma and Mr. Blue Boots, still finding puddles I swear weren’t there.  I stopped the car, opened the window and told them all how much fun it was to see them back over at the CVS and what joy it brought to my day.


The grandma said, in broken English, “Oh, that so nice.  They come for Easter!  And today is his birthday!”  I talked to Mr. Blue Boots directly, asking how old he was and if he got the boots for his birthday.  “Are you three?” I asked.  He shook his head no. . .then held up three fingers, “I’m this many!”  Good for you, buddy!


BING!  Another Heartprint moment for me. . .and them, too!

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