Little Pleasures

clementine star

Friday, March 18, 2016

Today I am grateful for little pleasures.  I know that some of you might think I stretch this gratitude thing in a forced way, but I sincerely DO notice stuff in odd and unusual ways.  Then I have to share with you.  Aren’t you so lucky?


The other day I’m sitting watching a little TV and peeling a clementine.  When I finished and had the peel in my hand I was mesmerized.  What a pretty star, I thought.  Scary, I know, but I did.  So I took a picture.  To share with you.  You have hopped on the lucky train, now!  It smelled good, too, but so far technology will not let me capture that.


Then when I was looking at the picture to post, I thought how it almost looked like a flower with long stamens in the center.  Sometimes it’s exhausting to be me, noticing little pleasures everywhere I look.  But I’ll take this way over not noticing anything at all.  Every time!

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