Me, full body at China talk

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Today I am grateful for another speaking gig.  One of my good friends from Weight Watchers asked me months ago if I would speak to her senior group on China.  Oh why not?!  Of course!  I love doing this so why on earth would I say no?


But I wasn’t planning on getting the miseries a few weeks before. . .along with laryngitis. . .so I was a bit nervous about both my energy level and my voice.  I started some greater activity this week so the energy seemed okay.  And I shut up.  Yes, folks, me. . .I shut up.  Okay, as much as humanly possible.  And the voice lasted until the very end when it sputtered a little like a candle in the rain.  Now it burned out completely, but it will probably be back tomorrow.  I hope so.  Not talking doesn’t work for me.


What fun it is to speak on someplace out of the country.  I was in China for 48 hours and have spent more time than that reliving it during programs.  When it was over I got so many great questions from people that I decided to put together the same kind of program on Indonesia, where we actually lived for three years!  I have no idea when I’ll start it, or where I’d share it, but I want to be ready and it sure will be fun pouring through old slides and visiting with old friends.  Isn’t that the best part about travel?   Meeting people who stick with you like your hips?  It is for me, anyway.


Tonight I feel like I’ve been run over by a large bus.  But tomorrow, when I’m rejuvenated. . . wherever it happens to be. . .and on whatever topic is decided.  I’ll be ready for my next speaking gig. . .yammer, yammer, yammer. . .with a point!  The best!

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