Defending the Caveman

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Today I am grateful for the one-man show, “Defending the Caveman”.  We saw Vince Valentine perform this at the Bucks County Playhouse today and he was fantastic.  Too bad it was the last performance there or I’d send you all to check it out.  Instead you might have to google to find out where he will be appearing next.


I had heard very little about this show before seeing it, other than the basic premise, which is rare for me, because I absorb all things theater through my pores.  I was refreshed that the piece, which was written a while ago, seemed updated and fresh.  Wise.


Of course, as updated as it is in some areas, it is also timeless in other ways.  Men and women are different.  Enuff said?  Not hardly.  We’re different in our approach to just about everything.  No kidding?  Have you met Himself?  Or me?


We go fishing and I feel like I’m with a deaf-mute.  No words at all, except the occasional curse that they are not biting. . .on his line anyway.  Now I know why.  His words for the day are used up.


I about busted out of my chair when Vince talked about men looking for something.  I swear I have to give longitude and latitude coordinates when I send Himself into the refrigerator.  “It’s on the second shelf from the top, back in the left corner, just in front of the Parmesan cheese and to the right of the eggs.”  If it is not in that exact spot he declares the refrigerator a black hole and me a poor direction giver.


We laughed on the way home because although we are different, after 34 years of marriage, we seem to have crossed over on some of the gender issues, which is just weird, but probably to be expected if you survive marriage at all.


Was Vince Valentine good?  You bet, even though I felt he had to work pretty hard at first to get the matinee audience jacked up.  Once he had us, we were his.  He was alone on stage for one hour and forty-five minutes.  Alone.  Did you get that part?  Alone.  Even in straight stand-up I have never heard of anyone doing more than an hour. . .if that.  I’ve been on stage and I’m here to tell you that an hour and forty-five minutes is an amazing zap of energy and incredibly rejuvenating at the same time.  I bet he has to staple his shoes to the floor by the time he’s done.


If you, like me, have not seen this gem, “Defending the Caveman”, then find it someplace and go.  If you can see Vincent Valentine in the title role. . .all the better!



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