Ability to Think

a thinking slogan

Friday, March 11, 2016

Today I am grateful for my ability to think.  Actually I’m grateful that all of us have this ability. . .and I hope we use it wisely in our lives.  Thinking, really thinking is getting to be a challenge in our trying times.


Sometimes I want to play ostrich and bury my head it the sand and not think about poverty, famine, lack of education, wars, religious strife/persecution, racism, bigotry of all sorts, neglected children, abused animals and political unrest.  And that’s just in my country.  When I go global in my thinking I might never pull my head out of the sand.


But I can’t live buried from my thoughts.  Neither can you.  We need to think.  Think hard.  Evaluate and judge and ruminate and decide and think, think, think about our actions and the actions of those who want to lead our nation.


We need to think ourselves into our own answers. . .the answers we believe will be best for us, our families, our children, our children’s children, our country. . .the world.  We need to drown out the rhetoric and turn off the volume.  We need to watch very carefully the actions of those who claim to have our answers.  And we need to weigh, determine and ultimately decide. . .but only after we have thought.


Only then will our ability to think pay off and our own conscience be at peace.


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