Mindless Boredom

bright marker flowers

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Today I am grateful for mindless boredom.  I’m still not over my miseries and I’m not at all happy about it.  The other day I said to Himself, “I just feel so boring!”  He assured me that is the last thing I can ever be, but boy, this time he might be wrong.


Here’s the kind of glutton for punishment I am. . .I challenged him to Scrabble.  In the kitchen.  Sitting on hard chairs, sipping honey/lemon tea and not Good Shit!  Of course, I lost the first game, although I made a valiant effort.


When we decided to play a second game, I had to color in between because it was so boring.  But I was slamming the words!  Made Himself crazy because I was barely paying attention. . .coloring with markers, getting good letters, doing a brilliant word, then right back to coloring again.


Yeah, well, guess what.  It riled him so badly that when I was using the pink and red, he was concocting a word of astronomical point value.  Bastard!  Used all of the letters.  Who does that?  Who cares?  Him, not me.  I was coloring and perfectly happy in my mindless boredom!

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