Comments of Children

a black & white dogs pic

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Today I am grateful for the comments of children.  We had two sons, wives and kids over on Saturday night. . .along with the white dog we were watching, Papi, and our sons black dog, Winnie.  Both are about the same size, which isn’t much.


I wanted to get a picture of them together but they were blurs of whirling dervishes so that didn’t happen.  When dogs are in the house, playing hard and then get quiet, I get suspicious.  Quiet with animals and children is always questionable.  From the kitchen I asked, “Does anyone know where the dogs are?”


“The white one is right here,” said our son, Matt from the dining room.

“The black one is by me,” said son, Pat while in the living room.

“OMYGOD, Dad!  That’s RACIST!” said grandson, Donovan. “That is sooo racist!!!!”


Ah, the teachable moment!  Based on the innocent comment of a child. . .especially a grandchild. . . taught by two fine sons.  I’m glad we don’t have to call Papi, Caucasian and Winnie, African American.  Sometimes white is just white and black is just black.  Whew!

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