Surprise Phone Calls


Friday, February, 26, 2016

Today I am grateful for surprise phone calls.  Those of you with grown daughters probably will not relate because daughters always seem connected.  My youngest son called a couple of days ago, just to check in.  It was great because usually I feel like he needs to rush someplace, but he just chatted.


When the phone rang last night and the screen said it was him from home, I worried someone was dead.  Two calls in one week?  Not possible.  He gets on the line and says, in true frazzled parent fashion, “We can’t talk because we are watching Survivor soon, so we can’t talk, but you have to hear something.  WE CAN’T TALK!”  Okay, but why did you call, I’m wondering.  Geeze.  Do you ever understand your kids?


He holds the phone out for my granddaughter to sing, “Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little” from “The Music Man” which she will be in at her local high school, even though she is in middle school.  She nailed every note and lyric. . .with me coming in with “Good Night, Ladies. . .” at just the right spot.


The son gets back on and says, “I KNEW you would do that!  She’s laughing.  Gotta go, can’t talk!”  And that was it.


This morning I woke up thinking how cool it is that although my children never had much of an interest in theater, even though it was unceremoniously jammed down their throats by my constant playing of musical scores. . .one of my granddaughters is “in” to it!


This is one surprise phone call I really enjoyed.  Just think how we’ll drive them all crazy at family gatherings!  And I’m glad no one is dead!

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