Rental Pup

Monday, February 22, 2016

Today I am grateful for another rental pup.  We are watching the Maltese-Poodle mix pup of friends of ours. . .Papi!  What a joy.  He’s a little bundle of love.


When they showed up with him and his gear last Saturday I had to laugh.  A tent, a crate, food dishes a box of stuff, directions. . .Holy smokes.  I asked my friend if Papi was building his own doggie trailer park.


“Parents” are always a little nervous when they leave their precious babies with us.  They worry if their pup will be on its best behavior, not mess on the rug or in some cases bark too much, or be a bother.  Hah!  As if!!!!  The only thing Papi does that freaks me out a little is disappear to one of his beds without warning.  We are getting a lot of steps in looking for him.


We were warned that he might not take to John so much because he’s a man.  All evidence to the contrary.  They are practically inseparable.  Maybe it’s genetic.  Papi doesn’t listen any better than Himself does!  What fun to have another rental pup.

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