Arctic Temperatures

a gangsta frozen

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Today I am grateful for arctic temperatures.  I’m nuts!  Perhaps.  But how could I appreciate Spring if we didn’t have at least a few days that leave your fingers numb, your nose running and your forehead feeling like it just got botox?  I need a real winter.


Then we went out and ran errands this afternoon and I almost got over it.  Oh my, that wind!  It cut through us like a frozen machete.  And it’s going to do the same thing tomorrow if we decide to venture out, which I doubt.  Because while it seems cold, but refreshing to me, Himself is not a fan.  He looks betrayed every time a gust comes along.


When we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, in tropical pollution, with temperatures perpetually hot enough to cook an egg on the patio, the thing I missed the most was the changing seasons.  Not here.  I sure know it’s winter today!


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