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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Today I am grateful for re-connecting.  Recently several friends have re-connected with me.  What fun.  Sometimes you don’t know what you’re missing until it shows up in your life.


So often.  Very often.  Probably more often than is healthy, I wonder if people remember me.  In the throes of my occasional pity-parties I wonder if I’m easy to forget. Sometimes when I am thinking about someone, they appear.  Snap!  Just like that.  A person I knew right after we moved to Pennsylvania sent me a little message on Facebook asking if I remembered her.  Of course!  She was a model and her children worked in acting, too and they were even in a movie as Sean Penn’s children back in the day.  I hope she keeps in touch.  I was just thinking about her.


Then a man who was a great friend in high school reached out.  We rode to school in the car of another friend and I was asking about him the last time the girls met over Thanksgiving.  Poof!  There he was!  Finding me!  I just don’t forget people.  Sometimes I wish I could, but I can’t so there you have it.  Besides, how could I forget him?  Not only is he an amazing musical talent, but his mom owned the tavern we hairdressers went to every single Saturday after work.  You don’t forget that, either.  Neither does anyone else, especially in a smallish (in thinking, if not size, back then) town.


Not only did he reach out himself, but he put me in touch with someone who makes me smile just thinking about her.  Not only was she my friend, with a more wicked sense-of-humor than even I have, but so were her twin brothers. . .and I performed as Molly the Clown with both of them many times.  I knew her mom and dad, too.  But we had lost touch, like people who are living their lives do.  It’s okay.  She’s back now.


When I was in my 40’s I wondered what kind of lives other people lived.  Did they travel?  Did they have kids or grandkids?  Was the junk that was important to them in high school still important?  Were they still funny. . .annoying. . .a jerk. . .a sweetheart?  Back then I always wondered.  And around class reunion time I listened as others said, “Hey, I didn’t like him/her in high school, why would I want to stay in touch now.”  I didn’t feel that way about anyone.  I miss them all. . .even if I sometimes have trouble remembering how I knew them.


Now that I’m in my sixties I still wonder. . .but none of it matters as much.  Now I just want them to be alive!  If they are still annoying or a jerk it doesn’t matter.  Alive is good enough and I’ll deal with the rest.  We have all changed and that’s as it should be.  Without change there is no growth and without growth there is no life.  But even though we’ve changed, at our core is the same elementary school, junior high, high school kid.  Tweaked a little, but still present.  That’s why it’s fun to reminisce. . .then dream towards the future.


I’m happy to say that those who reconnected recently are not annoying or jerks.  Far from it.  They are special.  And I’m glad they are back, even if it might be for a brief period of time, because I know how these things go sometimes.  I have missed them, though I probably didn’t realize how much until they were back.  I wonder who I’ll re-connect with today?  I’m ready.  Bring it on!

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One Response to Re-Connecting

  1. Marge Bowman says:

    That’s why I love Class Reunions. It’s a way of reconnecting with others.

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