Dono, Pat & Matt skiing (2)

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Today I am grateful for surprises.  I was hanging out at home yesterday crocheting until my hand cramped and my eyeballs fell out, thinking (not always a good thing), feeling a little lonely and not quite blue. . . maybe aqua. . .heading to blue. . . when the doorbell rang.


Oh boy.  Girl Scout cookies?  Again?  By the time I got untangled from the yarn project the banging on the door started.  “Geeze!  I’m coming, already!  Hold your horses!”  The door opened and in ran our grandson, Donovan, followed by his dad and uncle Matt.  What?  They NEVER just drop by.  How can you when you live an hour away?


Dono rushed up to give me a hug and rattled that they had all been skiing, he had a great birthday with more celebrations to come and can he have candy and play Wii?


I had been missing our kids a lot and was so thrilled that I nearly “hugged them down”. . .a term they coined when they were little and I got carried away and hugged them to the ground, a chair, or their beds.


The snack mix I got in a Christmas basket was opened, half devoured and deemed not great by one son, so I garbage disposed the rest after they left.  The candy dish is less full and the Wii must have gotten a pretty good workout because when Dono showed up again he was half naked and sweating.  He takes Wii very seriously!


They couldn’t stay long and that’s okay.  Not only am I happy they got off the highway  and made the effort at all, I’m grateful they had been out for a Boy’s Day of skiing.  Wonderful surprise!


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