Donovan Patrick Braun

Friday, February 05, 2016

Today I am grateful for our grandson, Donovan, who is nine today.  I have probably been grateful for him in the past, but it’s my blog and I can never say it enough, so there.


What a character.  Is he cute.  Yup.  He comes from good stock so of course he’s cute.  Is he funny?  Yup.  See the above comment about good stock.  Is he empathetic?  Kind?  Emotional?  Mouthy?  Cunning?  Smart?  Yup. . .plus tax to all.  He comes by all of it honestly.


I guess you probably shouldn’t project stuff on kids. . . the shrink books say that. . .but I burned mine so I’m allowed.  When I look at Dono I see my dad.  And that makes me very, very happy.  He’s like a Little Willie.  I only wish my dad were alive to know him.


My dad was an uncomplicated person and so is Dono.  You don’t have to wonder how he’s feeling because he wears his emotions like a pair of comfy pajamas.  Is he always happy?  No.  Who among us is?  No one I know.  But Dono has a way of knowing exactly what he needs and when he needs it.  Tired?  He falls asleep.  And if there is no bed around he’ll cram two chairs together at a restaurant, wedding, or ball game.  Good enough for him.


If he feels he’s being wronged, he will lobby his case like a politician until you not only feel you should give in to him, but you should carry a picket sign saying everyone else should, too.  Donovan Braun for President!  Obviously we could do a lot worse!


But my favorite thing about him. . .above all. . .is his laugh.  It starts at his toes and travels through his entire body until it spurts out with so much force. . .like whatever you said or did to make him laugh was the most wonderful thing in the entire world.  EVER!


That’s what happened today when we called him to sing Happy Birthday.  When we were done, Grandpa called him an old fart!  Nothing thrills a nine-year-old boy like body functions and/or talking about them.  And nothing thrills this old grandma like hearing him laugh!  Happy Birthday, Dono…you poopy face!  I can hear him laughing, now.

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