scrabble scores

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Today I am grateful for competition.  Except when I continue to lose. . .which is often.  Then it gets old.  I am moderately competitive, but not the nut-case-win-or-die-competitive-demon Mr. Himself is.  Geeze.  Give it a rest.


Here’s us playing scrabble:

Himself:  Good word, babe.  That’s 32 points, right?

Me: Yup.  Yup.  Thanks.  You’re turn.

Himself:  Oh wow, I can connect this word with 4 other words and two of them are on double word score and one of them is a triple word and I used the “Q” and the “Z” and the “X” and all of my letters so that’s 496 points plus 50 for using all of the letters.  Your turn.

Me: (Head slammed down on the table.  Hard!)


When he’s winning, he says, “Do you want to know the score?”  Hah!  NO!  I do not want to know the score!  I don’t care about the score!  I know you’re winning anyway because otherwise you wouldn’t even be offering up the score!


Sometimes I win.  Some very rare times.  But usually when I’m brilliant (and I have my moments), he rises to the challenge and is more brilliant.  I hate when that happens because I just want to mush his competitive face to the ground and feed him little Scrabble squares like they were chocolates!  Alright, Mr. Competition, let’s see what brilliant word you can flush!

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