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Breakfast-biscuit recipe from on line.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Today I am grateful for Facebook recipes.  During the 200-inch blizzard I decided to try a recipe that I saw on Facebook.  We shopped among the bread-milk-egg folks to get the correct ingredients, days before the main event and I admit I was pretty pumped about it.


On the dastardly day I was up early, pans at the ready and whipped together the little delight.  Gorgeous picture, right?  It smelled fantastic.  Looked fantastic.  Taste?  Eh!  Pfeh!  Not bad, but not the great ooey goodness I expected.  It was a bit heavy on bread and dough for my taste and the eggy part all dropped to the bottom.  It was kind of like eating a sponge with an attitude.


I make breakfast pies almost every week.  I purchase a crust that just has to be put in a pie pan because I’m lazy, throw some cheese in the bottom and a ton of veggies, (whatever I need to get rid of) a little more cheese, four eggs beaten with about a cup and a quarter of milk and maybe a little sour cream if I have it and a gazillion spices to kick it up a notch.  Dump it over the veggie cheese stuff and 375 for 45 minutes. BINGO – a yummy, veggie-filled breakfast.  Delicious.  Moist.  Not a sponge in sight.


I had a couple of pieces, thinking it would get better the second day, but no, so I froze it individually in baggies for when I’m in a rush. . .and desperate.  This Facebook recipe was much more fun to smell and look at than it was to eat.  Kind of like a picture you take to the hairdresser and then. . .oops!  No way do you look like Dorothy Hamel, but more like a flying camel!

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