Chance Lighting

rainbow dragon cropped

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Today I am grateful for chance lighting.  For some reason I’m a bit worn out today, so I’m going to be uncharacteristically brief.  I suppose it’s because I’m doing more and more every day and I’m still not at 100%.  I’ll get there. . .just not today.


Not long ago Himself came rushing into the room saying, “I need the camera!  I need the camera!”  Swell.  He’s not the greatest at holding steady to take pictures but since it wasn’t of me, I gave it to him.

He captured the sun bouncing off the prism that hangs from our kitchen light, and reflecting the rainbow to the neck of the dragon who took up residence after Christmas was put away.


What dragon wouldn’t want to wear a rainbow collar? Gay pride or chance lighting?  I’m okay with either.

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