First Time Voters

a complaining voter sign

Friday, January 29, 2016

Today I am grateful for first time voters.  Our nation is counting on you to enter into adulthood with all of the joys and responsibilities living in a free country includes.  Remember that voting in all elections, local, general, primary, is not just a privilege, it is also a responsibility.  We need you to accept this responsibility now that you are adults.


And if you have been an adult for some time, yet are still not registered to vote, then shame on you.  And shut up!  I don’t want to hear you complain about anything that happens in this country or others if you don’t have the good sense to do what you can for change.  So just shut up!  Or vote.


It is not enough for you to complain about how much you have to pay for your education.  It’s not enough for you to whine that you shouldn’t have to pay a bunch of your meager pay check for health care.  It’s not enough for you to tell everyone you meet that it’s “your” body and should be “your” decision.  It’s not enough to watch your uncle struggle with post-traumatic stress after a stint in the middle east.  And it’s not enough to witness your elderly grandparents struggling to make ends meet, because the government which they supported for many years is now changing the rules, sending many of them into poverty.   We need you to grow up and carry the ball for a while.  And vote.


You have opinions.  Great!  Then read, read, read everything you can get your hands on regarding the current presidential race. Watch debates.  Get mad.  Rally your friends.  Argue.  Listen to more news channels that FOX-TV.  Complain as much as you want.   Then register to vote!  It only take s a few minutes on-line.


Do a little research, then pick any party you want.  That freedom is what people have been fighting wars over since time began.  Learn, like I did, that if you are a registered  Independent, you will not be able to vote in a primary election.  It shocked me.  It should shock you.  Primaries are for Democrats and Republicans.  Also, when you pull that curtain shut, or mark that ballot, or tick a box, no one and I mean no one will know who you voted for.  It’s private.  You can cross over party lines in a million different ways, anytime you want.  You don’t ever, ever need to tell anyone.  Ever.  If asked, just say, “I voted.  That’s all you need to know.”  It is nobody’s business but yours.


But when all is said and done. . .go out and VOTE!  If you can’t get to the poles on election day, plan ahead and get an absentee ballot.   We are counting on you.  We need our first-time-voters.  We want you to EARN your right to complain in the future.  You don’t get that if you don’t vote!  Step up. . .and VOTE!

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