Quick Reflexes

a maxine car cartoon

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Today I am grateful for quick reflexes.  Yes, me.  Even though to look at me you might think I had the lightning-speed of a sloth or manatee, or other lazy mammal.   Not so. I do have very quick reflexes.  If I didn’t you would not be getting a post from me today, or maybe ever again.


When I left a doctor’s appointment today in Quakertown, I was the first car pulled up at a sharp incline, waiting for the light to change to green.  Like always, I watched the cars whizzing past me until their light turned yellow and they’d stop so I’d get the green arrow and light.


I was NOT on my cell phone, having already called John before I began my trip home and thank God for that.  Soon the cars to my left in the first lane of the cross street (309) stopped.  Shortly after him the person in the far right cross street to my left stopped.  The middle lane was still open.  No cars.  Then my light changed to green.  Because it’s on a steep hill I had to go slowly, even though there was a car close behind me on my heels.


I was very nearly to the middle of the intersection when I caught a flash in the blind spot of my left eye.  In less than a second, and in true Rosemary’s Baby fashion, I spun my head. . .blink-blink-blink-blink. . .to the left, looked in the center rearview mirror, the right side mirror and the left side mirror while also standing on the brake, but not so hard that the person behind me would hit me and knock me forward into the path of the speeding missile.


The total asshole who RAN the red light, on one of the busiest roads, flew across my sightline to the tune of my horn blasting him into consciousness.  Holy Smokes!  It was close!  Inches.  So close that I pulled into the parking lot across the street to stop shaking before I went on home.


People in their cars all around me were shaking their heads in disbelief that we hadn’t connected.  FYI-he/she would have hit me smack on the driver’s side door.  I might not have recovered because the moron had to be going 65 at least!  Everyone else was stopped.  How awful would that have been?  For me.  For those who would witness it.  For the jackass driver who causes it.  How senselessly irresponsible to put people in danger and possibly ruin everyone’s commute home by causing an accident on a major intersection?  That is not playing nice with others.


Remember what I said earlier?  I was NOT on my cell phone.  If I had been. . .I’d be dead!  I don’t know about the jackass who could have killed me, but if he/she was, I hope they put it down after the near miss.  But I doubt it.  It seems I’m the only one who learns a valuable lesson at a time like this.   Even though I’ve learned it a few times.  I got the message!  Again.  No cell phones while driving.  Ever.  Plus I’m really glad I have quick reflexes.  Whew!  Dodged another one!


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One Response to Quick Reflexes

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Thank the Good Lord for saving you and your voice (singing Ref: blog on singing) WHAT WOULD WE DO? No singing at aerobics???? NEVER!!!! Again, thank the Good Lord!!! (Note: Cell phones in use prohibited in moving cars) AMEN MAB

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