Good Shit

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Today I am grateful for Good Shit.  I bet I have you curious on that statement!  Let me explain.


When we lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, a wonderful Brazilian restaurant opened up.  It was our favorite place. . .so much so that when we were leaving Jakarta, they hosted a going-away dinner for us and anyone we wanted to invite.  We were good customers.  Very good.  Especially himself.  He loved how various meats (top-side, round, bacon-wrapped something) were served on long skewers, carved directly onto your plate, plopping like juicy heaven.  I called the place “Carve-a-Cow”.  Himself didn’t have to endure the salad bar. . . just eat bread and wait for the beast to land.


When I was back in the states for a visit, he was a regular customer, often going to dinner alone, but sometimes with friends of ours.  Following the feast he always ordered the same drink, Kahlua, coffee, whipped cream.  One evening, while savoring this little delight with our friends, Linda & Chris, they sipped in perfect unison and said, “That is some good shit!”


Glasses, with little more than dregs left in them, sent the waiter into a tizzy to serve! Without skipping a beat, he’d rush over to the table and ask, “More Good Shit, Misser John!?”  There you have it.  “Yah!  Enak sekali!  Satu lagi, tolong!”  (Yes.  Delicious.  One more, please.)


Our kids have heard the story so many times that a couple of them gave him special glasses etched with “More Good Shit Mister John?  Happy Birthday!”  Playing Scrabble at the kitchen table, watching mountains of snow pile up, today seemed like a perfect day to christen them!   Good Shit all around!


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