New Idea. . .Rent-A-Dog

a frieda pic-cropped

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Today I am grateful for a new idea. . . Rent-A-Dog.  We love dogs, but are not in a financial position to own one.  I miss having a dog in the house.  Especially my last dog, Frieda and especially now, when I am virtually grounded from my recent infirmity.


Frieda knew exactly what to do and when.  She was the model pet and never caused me one moment of grief.  Sometimes she would insinuate herself into my space in a pushy way, forcing me to schmoozle her and love her up.   And I’d feel better, even if I didn’t know I hadn’t felt great before the petting.  She knew better than me what my mood was.  Dogs are like that.


We still can’t have a full-time dog right now, although yesterday might have been a “pound” day, but cooler heads prevailed.  Mine.  Not his.  It takes a lot of dedication and a certain amount of money to successfully raise a pet.  I could not survive if I got one, found it wasn’t possible and had to return it or send it to another family.  Might as well take my arm and I haven’t even met the pup, yet!


Today I want a big drooly thing, with velvety ears, hogging space next to me on the couch, poking its paw on my leg and nudging me with his/her nose.  I want it sitting in front of me slobbering on the carpet with a nasty old dirty toy dangling from its slimy cheeks.  I want to see its tongue hanging out and its sitting-butt twitching when I hold a cookie up for grabs.


I don’t want him/her overnight.  I can’t have him/her forever.  But today, at least for a few hours. . .I would love to Rent-A-Dog!

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2 Responses to New Idea. . .Rent-A-Dog

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    I’m almost afraid to inquire – BUT – did one show up at your house??? Although I don’t know all of your FRIENDS; BUT, I’m sure one “got the hint”!! GOOD LUCK!!

  2. Sue says:

    I would be glad to rent you Snow. She is 85 lbs. and is very gentle with all people. She is 9 years old and does nap a lot. Only thing, she sheds white hair everyday, slops water when she drinks, then walks in it and leaves muddy paw prints . She eats a lot of food thus has very large things to pick up in yard. Loves to sleep in front of the heater vent and brushes against every piece of furniture with her white hair. Would I give her up, never. But you can rent her a day or two.

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