sunrise from bed

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Today I am grateful for beginnings. . .and I honor my niece, Molly and her future husband, David, who will be married in Madison, Wisconsin this afternoon.


In the hospital recently, I had not looked out of a window for days.  My bed was not the one next to the only window in the room and the curtain between beds was drawn just enough so that I didn’t even know there was one.


The hustle and bustle started early one morning as my roomy was being prepped for first-call surgery.  Curtains were shoved aside and she was carted off, joking and smiling, practicing the Queen’s wave which I had taught her.


I rolled over to try to get a wink or two.  The shade on the window was up and the sun was painting the sky with neon swaths of color.  Because of my angle and the layered cloud bank, it mimicked the sunrises over Lake Michigan. . .no land. . .just water and sky. . .and just for me.


I am not able to share physically in Molly and David’s most special day, but I am there in spirit. . .wishing them spectacular sunrises every day of their lives.

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