Medical Advice

Friday, January 8, 2016

Today I am grateful for medical advice.  From all of you.  Yes, I made soup and even used the new immersion blender a friend gave me for Christmas.  Wow!  That sucker is my new best friend.  Bwzap!  That soup was liquidy and creamy and hot and spicy and just what I needed.


Yes, I drank enough decaffeinated green tea with honey and cinnamon to run an Asian restaurant.  Between the absolutely delicious, frothy soup and the tea, I had plenty to do all day.  Guess what.


Yes, I used Vicks on my chest and on the bottoms of my feet.  Both worked better the first day and not so much anymore, although my feet are soft as a babies bottom!


Yes, I colored another picture, but you’ll have to wait for that, because I think the real healing came when I used the great mug two of my grandkids gave me a bunch of years ago.  Looking at those faces was a tonic like none other.


Since I still feel like I have a mewling kitten stuck in my chest and the little rascal is keeping me awake all night, I have an appointment with a real doc today at one.  I doubt she’ll give me much better medical advice than y’all did.  Oh. . .and apparently now I’m talking with a southern accent.  Must be the Vicks.

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One Response to Medical Advice

  1. Marie A. Bishop says:

    Isn’t it CRAZY how (at my age) grandkids do the greatest thing (little or tiny) that can cheer one up and move forward, no matter what!!! Love them to death and beyond!!! mab

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