Before & After

Monday, January 04, 2016

Today I am grateful for before and after.  Christmas is gone.  It’s packed away in boxes and stacked floor to ceiling in the basement.  I’m so glad because as much as I love it. . .I was sick to death of looking at the clutter and I was ready to take a backhoe to the place.


So I did.  We did.  I must have sent that man up and down the steps a hundred times.  Never in a million years could I do all of this decorating without his help.  Learning your own limitations is not easy. . .at least it isn’t for me.


Early in the holiday season I had a friend say, “I have to get going because I’m alone and I have to do everything myself.” She wasn’t complaining, just stating a fact.  That really stuck with me.  Each time I sent himself to shop for something, or pick up some groceries, or run up and down the godawful basement steps, I thought of that statement.


Paradigms shift when you realize you can’t do what you once could.  They also shift when you realize you don’t even want to do what you once did.  I’m hovering someplace in the middle.  I still like the way it looks when it’s decorated. . .at least I did this year, next year, who knows?  And I love it when it’s all put away.  Before and after. . .and back again. . . Namaste.

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