Low-Key Celebrations

a mulled wine pic

Friday, January 01, 2016

Today I am grateful for low-key celebrations.  The end of 2015 was filled with a bunch of stuff that left me a little rattled and not too thrilled about whooping it up on New Year’s Eve.  Enter our good friends.


They invited us over for an evening of chatting, drinking, eating and shooting pool.  Just the four of us.  Perfect.  Especially the chatting part.  We’ve seen them a bunch of times in the last month but usually it was with a crowd, often when one of us was hosting, so all we did was pass by on the way to sling hash or tend to guests.  Throwing out a quip is not the same as having a conversation.


We sat in their gorgeous living room. . .the tree dominating the space, looking like it would come to life and start marching around the house like something out of a fantasmagorical movie.  Cheeses of flavors we couldn’t remember, olives, crackers, bacon ‘n water chestnuts, hot mulled wine. . .and conversation.  It doesn’t get much better than that.


None of us would give Minnesota Fats a run for his money, but if there was a prize for length of a game, we’d win because all of us pretty much suck at shooting pool.  The skills from my miss-spent youth have waned.  Alas.


It was a great way to slip out of 2015. . . and glide into a new year.

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