Moving Forward

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Today, on this last day of 2015, I am grateful for moving forward.  The media is full of folks rehashing this last year.  As for me, there was some fun, lots of laughs, and plenty of trauma, so goodbye and good riddance!


It wasn’t all bad.  Not by far.  There were wonderful things that happened, too.  Yes people got cancer, but then became cancer free.  Those suffering with long, debilitating illnesses, mercifully passed on to a better place.  And for me, it wasn’t’ just one person in each of those positions. . .there were numerous people.


Floods, fires, wars, shootings, violent beatings, crazy lunatics running for President, revered entertainers dropping from grace like the mirror ball on Time Square. . .you name it, it bubbled to this surface this past year.  And I’m done, thank you very much.


I’m okay with reflecting for a moment or two, but to go back and rehash my entire year like the broadcasters insist on doing with the news year, isn’t going to happen.  Me?  I’m moving forward!  Happy 2016!

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