Ridiculous New Words

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Today I am grateful for ridiculous new words.  How fun that society now has a new word to describe a “disease” that some kid has as a result of overindulgent parents.  Affluenza.  Really?  Absurd!


Okay, if I’m reading and hearing it correctly some spoiled brat has used the fact that his parents were so filthy rich that they never taught him the difference between right and wrong, therefore it wasn’t his fault that he got hammered and the result of that binge killed four people.  Four.  People.  “It wasn’t my fault!” Boo Hoo, my ass!


I’m sure glad I wasn’t on that jury if there was one.  No one would have picked me anyway because I would have said throw his spoiled ass in jail and give the key to the families of the victims.  All four of them!

And if a judge accepted this asinine plea he should be put in time-out on a telephone pole with a killer bee hive taped to his leg.  Ridiculous.  This is our justice system?


I know the press is having a field day on this one, especially since the crazy perps ordered a Dominoes’ pizza with their cell phone.  That little foo-pagh got the spoilassed-bratling and his totally incompetent, useless, surgically stretched-to-the-max “mothernot” found in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Really?  Dominoes?  C’mon mothernot, you can do better than Dominoes.  Doesn’t your little spoilassed-bratling deserve at least Pizza Hut?  Does Dominoes deliver in JAIL?  Better find out.


The article I read said it was entirely possible the father did not know where they were.  I bet not.  I bet that too-stupid-to-live guy changed the locks on the house before they cranked the key in the car in the driveway.  Geeze.  What rock do these people live under?  Affluenza?  Who did they think was going to raise their kid?  Oh wait. . .I know who. . .the schools!   Teachers don’t have anything else to do but raise other peoples kids.   They are the unfair, structured people who dare to present boundaries and warn you that you’re heading for trouble with the kid you keep defending every time you’re called.  They gave actual rules to your darling and you didn’t like it.  How is that work out for you, now?


When I worked in attendance at a school and someone was truant a lot. . .really, really a lot, the truancy officer told me that the parents could be brought into court and fined.  That sounds like a very good idea for these parents.  Were they raised that way?  Even the most damaged of us learn something positive and useful about raising children from just growing up.  Sometimes it’s from the families of our friends, but we pick up something somewhere.  At the very, very least we know about consequences. How on earth did they think this was the way to go?  I say throw the whole bunch of them in jail!  Let them all learn about consequences the hard way.


There are no tests to determine if people are qualified to raise children.  Anyone can procreate, but someone has to teach those kids how to be responsible, caring human beings.  No matter how filthy efin rich they are!   If I was filthy efin rich I would be pissed because these jackasses are giving all of “us” rich folks a bad name!  And I know plenty of rich kids who would never, ever be pulling this scam!


I saw a great note in a post on Facebook.  There was a condom taped to someone’s car windshield.  In the picture, the note said, “If you are not capable of parking between these simple lines. . .then please don’t procreate!”  Sweet.


Too bad the “affluenza” folks didn’t get one of these condom notes.  But if they had, then the ridiculous new word might have never existed.  How would we have survived?  Easily, that’s how!

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