Balance a Checkbook

a checkbook balance

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Today I am grateful I can balance a checkbook.  My dad insisted I learn this skill.  I wonder if there will even be checkbooks in our future, or will they go the way of dial phones and beta-max video players?


I pay attention.  I check out every bill, to be sure it was not hacked into in some way.  I balance the checkbook every month.  I have found mistakes in both and not always mine.  I pick up the phone to inquire, get refunds, collect rewards, etc.  It did not take long before I noticed that something I thought I used the ATM card for was put on the credit card instead.  We have a couple of extra bucks in checking, now.  Whoopee!  Every dime helps.


When the money was rolling in like Juan and Evita’s Argentina reign, I still scoured every number and reconciled every detail.  I just have to know.


Now that the money has decided to roll out the door, it’s even more important that I pay attention.  Some days I sit himself down for mandatory information sessions because, while he doesn’t like to be bothered, we’re in this ship together and he needs to be aware of sea conditions as much as me.


I do on-line banking, pay some bills on line, use the ATM card a lot, but each and every month, without fail, I will always balance the checkbook. . .and think of my dad.  It’s how I roll.

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