When They Don’t Listen

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Today I am grateful when people don’t listen to me.  By the time our gift opening was done and the food was served, I was beat.  Plopped in the chair in the living room enjoying the chaos surrounding me was about all I had energy for.


My two daughters-in-law were sitting in the dining room chatting and soon started hauling serving platters from there to the kitchen.  “You don’t have to clean up.  I’ll do that later,” I bellowed from my living room throne.  “We’re not,” they said.  “We’re just talking.”


I got caught up watching my granddaughters sitting in the big chair, heads together, giggling about who knows what and fell into a deep discussion with one of my sons.


It wasn’t until everyone was leaving in a flurry of dangling ribbon and loose game pieces, that I went into the kitchen.  Imagine my shock. . .and joy. . .seeing most of the food put away, the kitchen cleaned up. . .and the dishwasher already running a load.  I really love it when people don’t listen to me.  Especially my daughters-in-law!

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