Crazy Family

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Today I am grateful for my crazy family.  Looking at everyone’s Facebook posts of their holiday’s with family I got to thinking about ours.  Ours is a modern family.  We have those who are divorced and re-married; we have step-kids; we have step-grandkids.


We have mixed race ones, skinny ones, fat ones, tall ones, curly haired ones, straight haired ones, no hair ones, spike haired ones and gray haired ones.  Our ages range from 80 to the new baby in the belly.


Some of us like things loud and rowdy, some softer and quieter, some a mix of both (me).  We are raw, yet pensive, depending on the moment.  We love to eat, yet bemoan the fact that food draws us, even while we are shoving it in our face.  Pretty much all of us!  We love to drink, but not so much that we need an intervention. . .yet.


Our family extends far beyond those of birth.  I was thrilled when Anja’s mom and her husband came into the house to pick up Anja and her little sister, Lexi.  Lexi is not related to us by birth, but as Anja’s sister, she’s been joining us on Christmas Eve for the last four years and we love it!  They are all family, too. . .and all of their extensions.  Just because some marriages end, it does not mean all of the relationships and love does.  It just adjusts.  It’s different, not better, not worse, just different.


We have not lived near our siblings for many years, so we developed many friends whom we call “family of choice”.  They aren’t actual family, but the closeness we feel easily ratchets them into the position of crazy family anyway.


A phone call has to suffice for out-of-towners and we always wish we could warp-7 them to where we are, if only for a day or night.  We have lost some, but they are still present in our hearts as though there is an extra place set for them at the table. We have those struggling, those at ease, those annoyed, those exhausted (me) and those in electronic bliss (grandkids).


I love them all and each and every extension of them.  Together we make up one big crazy family!  Mine.

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