Hate Shopping

a shopping nightmare

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Today I am grateful I hate shopping.  I believe I’ve mentioned a dozen or so times how much I hate shopping.  Any kind of shopping is just plain annoying.  And now we are in the Christmas season, where what I despise most in life is ratcheted up to overdrive.  And I’m not.


But I shopped today anyway.  At Kohl’s, mostly and I did great price wise, although the place was beyond a madhouse.  I heard on the news this morning that today was going to be a worse shopping day than Black Friday.  But it is also the day with the most sales.  Swell.

So out I went into the fray until my attitude and pocket book could stand it no more.  Three hours.  That’s huge for me!  Did you ever notice that there is absolutely NO place to sit. . .even for a few seconds?  I’m sure security is looking over the video of my prone self on a display bed, muttering about my list and speaking in tongues.  Old, fat, non-shoppers (me) need a place to gather their wits about them and ease their aching backs.


Probably you’re wondering why I don’t just shop on line?  Two reasons.  First, I procrastinated and I doubt things would arrive on time without paying the “If-you-waited-too-long-you-must-pay-express-shipping-you-idiot” fees. Second is that everything has to be charged on line and that nasty little charge bill can accumulate zeros like run-a-way box cars in a bad action/adventure movie!  Eventually that bill has to be paid.  We are not expecting a wind-fall so I have to be discerning with my bucks.  Ah, maybe someday!  Then I’ll start in June and be done by Thanksgiving.  Hahahaha!


So today I’m really glad I hate shopping.  It works for me and fits right into my budget.

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