Two Amazing People

attitude is everythign

Friday, December 18, 2015

Today I am grateful for two amazing people.  I will not mention their names, nor post pictures of them.  One will recognize himself, the other does not follow my blog, but mutual friends will recognize him.  Both are presented with physical handicaps every single day. . .yet rise above them with grace and humor.


The first is a long-time friend, probably for 30 years, whom I recently re-connected with on Facebook.  He and my husband worked together for many years.  This gentleman, and I don’t use that term loosely, was badly injured in a bus explosion in Lebanon.  He lost and arm, as well as enduring painful burns and scaring, yet I have never, ever seen him in a bad mood, angry, or negative.  Never.  Ever.  And he sure would have cause.  My husband defines him as “the man who will never let you open a door!” With only one arm.  Amazing.


The second is a man I see almost every day.  He is in a wheelchair, though I don’t know why and it’s really none of my business, nor does it matter.  I have never, ever seen him have a bad day, either.  Every single day he is not just polite, but kind and joyful, pleasant and humorous.  I watched him leaving the building in his wheelchair the other day through the back door, which is not automatic. There was a family with a couple of little kids following him.  Like the first amazing man, he rolled through the door, did a quick spin, and held the door for them.  Then he zipped to his van, lowered the ramp, did the machinations necessary to drive and off he went, smiling even as he drove off.  Amazing.


I’m sure these two have their moments, like anyone else does, but their general demeanor and daily attitudes are to be admired.  I aspire to be more like them because they are amazing.

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