Changing My Mind

a beery mom

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Today I am grateful for changing my mind.  I had planned to write something else, but then I saw this picture my sister posted on Facebook and stole it to share. Thanks, Judy.


My sister takes mom shopping every Thursday.  Today mom’s grocery list consisted of six items, yet there she sits with a cart full of “necessities” wearing her almost famous maniacal grin!  Of course a necessity is a huge box of chocolate covered cherries!!!  They are her favorites.  Also what 89 year old woman doesn’t need a six-pack of beer in the fridge?  I’m sure there was a carton of cigarettes, too, but my sister won’t drive herself crazy by showing that little item.  Mom won’t change.  Maybe that’s good. . .because as long as she maintains her sense of humor, who cares if she smokes like a chimney and enjoys the occasional beer with a chocolate covered cherry topper?  She certainly has endured long enough to earn the right.


I love the picture.  I love my mom.  I love my sister. . .especially for all she does for mom and for sharing the picture.  I’m glad I changed my mind and made it my gratitude for today.

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