Mild Temperatures

deck chairs 001 (2)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Today I am grateful for mild temperatures.  We are experiencing mutant weather these days.  Temperatures yesterday reached 75, I swear.  In the sun.  Which I only went into for a second, because I was already hot from homesteading in the kitchen with the hot oven, electric roaster, crock pot and coffee maker.  Yikes!


My husband and I are battling over the thermostat like crazed ice hockey players scrambling for the puck.  No one is winning.  In his brain it’s winter, so the heat should be on.  On my body it’s summer so the heat should be off.  He explains the concept of a temperature control thermostat five times a day.  “If we set it for 72, the heat will NOT come on unless the temperature in the house gets to 72.”  I say, “But if it’s already 70 in here without any heat on at all, what’s the point in even putting it on.”  Repeat. . . a million times a season.  It’s how we bond.


We are thermostatically discombobulated.  Before guests arrived yesterday even himself was hot.  “We are going to have a lot of people here.  Do you think we should put the air conditioning on?” he asked.  “YES!”  Who is this man and what did he do with my husband?  “Put it on!  Set it at 68, no 66!  Let’s cool this sauna-hell-hole off!”  So we put the AC on. . .on December 13th.  We turned it off at nightfall and the temp shot up to 76.  Even so, he wanted to turn the heat on. . .”it won’t kick in. . . “ blah blah blah.


We had to get out the portable chairs for the patio because it might as well be comfortable for the over-flow of people who LOVE these warm temperatures.  Never thought I’d see the day. . .Oh crap!  I gotta go.  He’s heading for the thermostat again!

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