Shadow Angels

Angel shadow on ceiling

Friday, December 11, 2015

Today I am grateful for shadow angels.  We could all benefit from a few angels watching over us and at this time of year I think about that a lot.  Imagine my surprise when one showed up as a result of my Christmas lighting.


A long, long time ago I wrote a piece called, “Guardian Angel”, for my blog.  If you want to read it, go to the actual blog at and look through back stories. . .from two years ago in winter.  In the story I share an incident on the highway from when we were driving down to be with John’s sister in Florida and very, very narrowly. . .literally by inches. . .avoided a heart-stopping, three car, two truck collision.


I think about this incident every time I hear of someone being gob-smacked by the sudden death of a family member; an unexpected job loss or strike; or the onset of a serious illness and subsequent dreadful treatment and recovery process.


Hopefully we can avoid trauma by “near misses”, but there are dozens of ways we might feel we have been in a collision. . .with life.  We might find ourselves floundering in head-spinning vertigo, wondering how this could have happened. . .or how can that be true. . .or how will we survive this newest, latest trauma?


We might feel all alone in our present situation.  I might irritate the hell out of us to see others moving on, joyful and cheerful, while we are under the elephant of despair over this or that.  We might want to just smack the happy right out of them.  “Don’t you see I’m terrified. . .sick. . .upset. . .afraid?” we want to shout at them.  We want to blame someone. . .so a cheerful person seems the perfect choice.  How dare they!


We feel alone.  So, so alone.  But we are not alone.  Just like that life-changing, near-miss accident two years ago, there is always an angel lurking in the shadows, protecting us, watching over us, giving us hope.  Just because.

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