Fire & Ice

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Today I am grateful for Fire & Ice Christmas decorations.  We live in a townhouse.  It’s very nice, but the long, marginally narrow space leaves little room for rearranging the furniture.  It pretty much is what it is, which is why I change out the chatchkees periodically. . .just for a new look.


Enter Christmas.  And boy does it enter.  If you’re paying attention you know that we had decorated most of the house before our trip to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.  Most.  Not all.  In Wisconsin I got a brilliant idea to do something different in the kitchen.


While out shopping with my sister, (always dangerous) I found large snowflakes which I painted and decorated at her house.  Balanced against water glasses on top of fake snow, they give just the effect I want to see when I am sitting in the living room looking through to the front of the house.  Ice.  When I’m in the kitchen looking towards the back, it’s all fire.


Is it a bit gaudy?  Yup.  Do I love it?  Double yup.  I might post more Christmas decorations in the future but for today you get Fire & Ice.

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