Different Viewpoints


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Today I am grateful for different viewpoints.  I spent some time yesterday helping my son and wife do a little decorating for Christmas.


This process, of course, required a quick run to AC Moore, while Matt, John and I all scrambled in different directions to get only what we needed to do a nice wreath for the fantastic natural brick wall in their modern Philly row house.  Success, in record time.


Everything was 50% off so that was great.  At the checkout, my son said to the clerk, “Yup, doing a little decorating with mom today.” He pointed at me.  The sweet girl, who is now my BFF said, “You’re his MOM?  You don’t look old enough to be his mom at all!”  If you were 65, she’d be your BFF, too, admit it.


“Maybe it’s not that you look young, but that I look old,” my son said, laughing. . .all 6’2” of him, shaved head, gray-hairs flecking his beard, a twinkle in his wicked eye. . .


That was his viewpoint. Was he right?  NAH!  I prefer mine!  And my new BFF would agree.


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