Blow-Up Lawn Creatures

Turkey on lawn

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Today I am grateful for blow-up lawn creatures. They used to just pop out just at Christmas, but when we were in Sheboygan recently I caught a picture of a great turkey and he wasn’t stumbling out of one of the 400 local bars.


Are blow-up guys silly?  Sure.  But they make me happy.  Oh I don’t want them on my lawn and I doubt they would even be allowed by my homeowners association although, rebel that I am, it might be fun to test that theory one year.  I love them on other people’s lawns.


I might as well face it, for me, holidays are all about over-kill.  It’s all about too many lights, too much glitter, too many decorations, too much food, too much libation, too much fun, too much exhaustion.  Yay, to all of the above.  We have the rest of the winter to recover.


When we drive past a house (and there is one near us on Orvilla Road) that has a boat-load of blow up creatures and lights strung everywhere, my husband says, “Holy smokes!  Look at all of THAT jimcracky!”  I love it.  Line ‘em up, nail ‘em down, blow ‘em up!


Keep those lights on and those fans running because I love them. . . until morning, when Santa melts in an inappropriate way on top of Frosty, waiting to be blown up again at nighttime.  Double entendre intended.

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