Time With Mom

Mom & boa in dollar store

Friday, November 20, 2015

Today I am grateful for quality time with my mom.  John and I took one for the team yesterday and went to the Dollar Tree with my mom.  She loves the dollar store.  But she can’t see.  She literally can’t see.  But when she could still drive, she would take herself to the dollar store or Walmart just to “poke around”.  Now I am her eyes.


I’m not the shopper in the family.  There is nothing fun for me about “poking around” in a store.  Hate it.  Always have.  Always will.  Stores are hot and cramped with too much going on for my feeble brain to digest.  But I did it anyway yesterday, because I know mom likes it.  HUGE points for me!  Applause!  Applause!


She backs through the store on her walker seat because they don’t have scooters.  Good thing.  I can manage her on the walker, but she takes off like a bat-outta-hell on those scooters.  She hits every aisle.  Nope, I take that back.  Every aisle but the “tool” aisle.  “What am I gonna do with a hammer?”  Saved by a hammer.


She scoots close to the Christmas stuff, pulls on the stockings, Santa’s, wreaths, bells, anything that she can reach, then says, “What’s this?”  I tell her, she says, “Oh, cute!”  giggles and we move on.  Repeat 10,000 times.  I know what it’s going to be so I steel myself before we go.  She backs into stuff, rolls over things, pushes hard when a cart of boxes is blocking her way. . .and we laugh. . . I pick crap up from the floor, peel dangling doilies from the handles of her walker and do damage control in her wake.


I don’t really mind because. . .well. . .it’s for mom. . .and I don’t get the opportunity to be around her very much when she’s “good mom” and feeling well.  So it was a bit of a treat to spend time with her.  She dropped about 12 bucks.  We spent 50!  Dangerous place, that dollar store. . .especially with mom. . .and me!

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