Leaving Sheboygan

Me with bloddy Mary
Monday, November 16, 2015
Today I am grateful we’re leaving Sheboygan. If we stayed much longer I’d be dead from fun. A person (me) can only take so many good times in a row before exhaustion sets in right next to the acid reflux. I gotta stop the madness. Which is what I’m doing.

I mean how many “perfect” Bloody Mary’s, with enough garbage in them to be crudité and a beer chaser, can one person enjoy? I’ll tell you how many. Two. Yes, two. That’s exactly two more than I have in a whole year. But there were veggies. Lots of veggies. And horseradish pickles which were better than chocolate cake! I swear. I tried to BUY them but they are only made for the restaurant and not for sale. Big mistake! Those Bloody Mary’s were by far the very best I’ve ever had in my life and worth every calorie, subsequent antacid and power nap.

So I’m sitting there, swilling the aforementioned beverage, with a group of people from the church I just went to with my friend and the young woman in the picture says, “Are you Mary Mooney? I think you’re Mary Mooney.” Really? Then she wanted me to guess who she was. I had absolutely no clue. None. It turns out she is the daughter of someone who was a great friend three decades ago and I had met maybe three times. Plus she and her husband own Pier 17, where I seemed to be homesteading this trip. She recognized me then called her mom to get my name. Geeze. I thought I was way more forgettable than that. Guess not. It was a moment.

But we (I) can’t take much more. We have to leave Sheboygan today. . .after breakfast with more friends. . .then we’re off to Madison. Unless I bump into someone at the bakery where were getting jelly donuts and hard rolls for my mom and sister. I swear we’re leaving. Great hometown visit. Now if I can only sneak out of town while I’m still alive. . .

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