Fun Encounters

bears at Costco
Saturday, October 31, 2015
Today I am grateful for fun encounters. I was at Costco yesterday and there was a bin of the most gigantic stuffed bears I’ve ever seen. Just like that (snap) I was reminded of my mom riding her cart through that same store, collecting what we thought were huge stuffed dogs for her great grandkids. These bears were bigger. Much.

I stood there in awe wondering how dead I’d be with their parents if I had the 189 bucks to drop on one of these guys for the grandkids. A lady walked past and saw me staring. She said, “You’d have to build an addition.” Agreed.

Another woman humored me when I got the camera out and paused in her day so I could take a picture. There was a thirty-something man standing nearby, listening to me oooo & ahhh about the furry giants and something I said must have caught his attention.

“There are bears?” he asked, looking around confused. Then he looked up and laughed hysterically. “That just shows the difference between men and women. I never even SAW those bears. All I could see was this little stack of DRONES.”

I chuckled over this little encounter all day long. It wasn’t big. It wasn’t emotional. It wasn’t earth-shaking. It was just a very nice moment with a stranger. . .over some silly drones and impossible to miss gigantic stuffed bears. That’s Heartprint enough for me.

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