Happy Birthday, Mom

Casino with walker
Friday, October 23, 2015
Today I am grateful for my mom, who turns 89 today! I probably won’t be speaking to her because I know she’s getting her hair done in the morning and then my sister and her husband are taking her out for pancakes. . .one of the things she can no longer make because she can’t see well enough to flip them.

Last night I could almost hear her TV before she answered the phone. Wow! I guess she isn’t wearing the hearing aids either, bless her heart. I wished her a happy birthday and she said, “Can you believe I’m going to be ninety-two. . .no, ninety. . .oh for petesake. . .how old am I going to be? Eighty-nine! Yeah, can you believe I’m going to be eighty-nine? Here I am still cruxing around at my age!”

I told her I figured she should feel very young. In five seconds she lobbed off three years! (She will never read this because she “HATES COMPUTERS,” but maybe my sister, Judy will tell her about it, or show it to her on that “stupid cell phone . . .a phone is supposed to have a damned cord!”

This picture is from her last visit to Pennsylvania a few years ago. Someone brought up the casino (not me) and she said, “Let’s go!” John and I have done the casino with her and she turns into the Energizer Bunny and takes off like she’s in her 30’s! We’ve lost her too many times, so we refused. But her grandsons thought it would be a hoot, so off the three of them went with instructions to watch her like a hawk!

“I swear even you guys can’t outrun grandma at a casino! And don’t think you’re gonna find her because of her white hair. The place looks like a Q-tip factory!” Gotta love June! Happy Birthday, Mom!

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