Big Blue Train Engines

blue train
Thursday, October 22, 2015
Today I am grateful for big blue train engines. “The Little Engine That Could” is my favorite children’s book. I have lived my life by the line, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can” as I’ve huffed and puffed through one trying situation after another in my “interesting” life.

I had a little girl in my swim class the other day who said, “No, I can’t!” every time I suggested she try blowing bubbles. Finally, after the thirtieth try I told her that we did not use the “can’t” word in the pool. She looked at me like I had rocks in my head. “Yes, it’s true! In the pool we use the words, “I’ll try!”” From then on each time she said, “No, I can’t”, I gave her the hairy eyeball and she changed it up to “I’ll try”. Eventually she DID try to blow bubbles, which was nothing short of a minor miracle. Thinking she “can” will help her succeed.

I learned that while I was out last week, a friend’s long sick husband died. Then last night I learned that another dear friend’s husband, also long sick, had died yesterday. Wow! I’m thinking about those two strong new widows today. Both have shown remarkable grace and calm while facing their husband’s illnesses. Both have used humor and sass to get through the days. Both exhibited a strength I’m sure they didn’t know they had. My heart goes out to them and all people who are caretakers for loved ones.

Whether they knew it or not, I’m sure they also used some form of “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”. Just like the little engine who could, they got through the days of struggle.

And now they will not say, “No, I can’t” like the little swimmer did. They’ll say “I’ll try”. . . and that’s how they will continue to get through the subsequent days of loss. By trying. . . and with courage. . .one huff or puff at a time.

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