Poetic Justice

car stopped with cop
Monday, October 19, 2015
Today I am grateful for poetic justice. We have all had situations in our lives where we’ve watched some doing something wrong and thought, “I hope they get theirs!” I try not to be spiteful, but there are times. . .

We were driving on a major, very busy, heavily trafficked highway the other day. I’ve already established that I hate tailgaters and crazy drivers who think they will get there much sooner than me by being unsafe lunatics. . .then at the exit I am the car behind them. Whoop! Whoop! That worked great for you, jackass!

In my rear-view-mirror, far behind me, I noticed a black car bucking and weaving through traffic like a crazy person. Cars were on my left and right with very little room to wedge in another. . .and we were going 70 miles an hour. . .yet here he comes, the Mario Andretti wannabe. He had to be going 90 at least and the speed limit was actually 55 in this area, a mere suggestion.

Screech, weave, right, left, back, forth, soon he was on the guys bumper next to me. I gently slowed down to give the nimrod room to get in front of all of us. I don’t need to get us killed because someone else is stupid. You win. I live. Works for me.

He zipped off like a bat-outta-hell, clearly in a hurry to get somewhere very, very important. Well guess what? He was gonna be late. Oh no! Why? Because two miles down the road the cops had stopped his stupid swerving, maniac ass and that cop was taking his time writing out the ticket. Sweet, sweet, poetic justice!

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