Hand-drawn selfie
Saturday, October 17, 2015
Today I am grateful for “selfies”. When we were at Grand Friends Day at our grandson’s school the other day, the teacher came up with a great idea.

She had someone take a picture of each group of grands and kids, then she gave us all a piece of paper with a large cell phone drawn on it. We were supposed to “draw” ourselves on the paper selfie. She will hang the drawing on the wall and then add the actual picture to it later on. What fun.

Donovan wanted to be in the middle, but he didn’t want to draw, so I put him in, long, lean and “just a normal stick guy” because that’s the way he wanted it. Then I put myself as a smiley face in the corner. Joan got all fancy and drew herself cute then gave it to John. He did the great profile with the Mooney nose. Shamed by the care they took I readjusted myself, making a big, toothy smile, which came off a bit demonic.

“You look like you’re in Michael Jacksons, “Thriller”, Joan said. “You need to fill in that smile!” So now I look like a demented jack-o-lantern with hair. Who cares? It’s my favorite selfie of all time anyway.

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